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Students wishing to change from the Day Division to the Evening Division and vice versa must submit the Transfer Between Day and Evening Divisions form to the Director of Registration and Enrollment. Obtain the form on the School’s website:

  1. Students will be granted this request once
  2. Seats are granted on a seat-available basis (Seat Availability Policy)
  3. Students transferring tracks are not given priority seating over current students in those tracks.



Seat availability for a nursing course is determined based on the student’s completion in the required academic courses in the curriculum. Students who are eligible to repeat a nursing course are not guaranteed a seat in the subsequent semester. The priority of registering students in nursing courses is as follows:

  1. Students satisfactorily progressing from one course to another.
  2. Students who have already waited out a semester due to seat unavailability and in order of date of admission.
  3. Newly admitted students into the program. (Including transfer students)
  4. Students who are repeating a nursing course, in order of date of admission.

Students who need to repeat a nursing course, which is closed, will automatically be placed on a waiting list, and will be notified when they may register for the nursing course. Students who are not planning on continuing in the program must notify the Director of Registration and Enrollment.

In the event that a student meets the pre/co-requisites but does not gain a seat in the course, he/she will be placed on a waiting list.

The School reserves the right to limit seats in any nursing course based on faculty and/or facility availability.


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